Alix Hines is a science writer and social media specialist for NOAA’s National, Environmental, Satellite, Data and Information Service. In this role, she is responsible for interviewing scientists and writing stories about their groundbreaking work. Her most recent work includes a story about how scientists are working to alert farmers and ranchers ahead of impending flash droughts.

Prior to NOAA, Alix spent two years working as a multimedia journalist for Circa. You might recognize her from Circa’s “Did You Know” segments, where she blows your mind with things you didn’t know about everything from coral bleaching to the FDA’s drug approval process.

She graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University and got her Masters in Journalism from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism. Alix got into the digital world as a web producer for FOX 8 in Greensboro, N.C. It’s a job that included her own segment, “Ask Alix”, although ironically it didn’t include anyone actually asking her anything.

Alix has experience reporting in Iraqi Kurdistan, where she also got to visit students she mentored through the Iraqi Young Leaders Exchange Program at VCU. She loves doing stories that surprise and enlighten people. She’s most proud of her work on a piece about a Yazidi woman who created a foundation to help the survivors of the ISIS sex trade and a story about using art therapy to help service members dealing with traumatic brain injuries.