Rumor has it…Spring trends are here

By: Alix Hines

Fashion is in the air this February with temperatures reaching highs of almost 70 degrees. VCU students are already

Photo by Alix Hines
Photo by Alix Hines

preparing for spring. Richmond offers a unique outlet for students to shop, whether they are bargain hunting or searching for the most fashionable stores, this city has it all. One of Richmond’s trendiest stores is conveniently located at 404 N. Harrison St. Rumors is a popular shopping spot for VCU students looking to trade in their old garb for a new chic spring look. Shoppers are welcomed with a variety of tunes blasting throughout the store. The music’s hip and so are the fashions. Rumors sells gently worn clothing, so everyone can get a great new look for less.Spring Fashion According to

Rumors’ Co-Owner Casey Longyear

Q: What are you doing to prepare for the upcoming spring season?

A: I know that the temperatures are going to be weird since this winter was so strange, so I have a feeling it’s going to go on and off. I already started putting out sandals and things like that, and they’ve sold, but the next day I’ll sell tons of sweaters. So you just have to be prepared to be versatile.

Photo by Alix Hines
Photo by Alix Hines

Q: How do you think this season will differ from past seasons?

A:  Like the past couple of seasons, I don’t think trends are going to change that much. Just the way the economy is, people want to keep the same things they have and just add a couple of new pieces to it. This winter I’ve seen a lot of people wearing tank tops and things like that just layered with sweaters, so I think they will simply just shed those sweaters.

Q: What do you predict will be “hot” this spring?

A:  We’ve had such dark trends and such preppy kind of trends that they’ve just merged. Sheer stuff is going to stay. This winter there was a lot of dark lace,like this kind of thing (as she points out her lace top) and I think it will just get lighter. Long things have also come in, so rather than getting shorter as we have in the past, I think people are now sick of short and want to go long.

Trends from a Student Perspective

Ameya Chumble, Freshman

Q: What do you predict the new fashion trends will be this spring?

A: For me it’s going to be a lot of argyle green in the beginning. Probably cardigans, flat front kakis, Italian cut at the bottom. In terms of shoes, probably duck boots as always… classics. I see a lot of moccasins going around.

Q: What do you base your sense of style on?      

A: I dress very differently from most guys. I have lots of different things in my life, so some of my clothes are going to be outdoorsy because I do a lot of kayaking, and some of them are going to be fratty because I’m pledging for a fraternity. Some of it’s going to be based on the people around me. Other times it’s based on what I see on TV, something that just strikes me.

Q: What do you think your sense of style reflects about your personality?

A: Simplicity, straightforwardness.

Q: So you said you are taking a fashion class this semester, how has that influenced your sense of style?

A: It’s shown me that I can look for different types of fabrics and that sort of thing.

Manpreet Dhillon, Sophomore

 Q: What do you predict the new fashion trends will be this spring?

A: Dresses and floral

Q: What do you base your sense of style on?

A: Whatever’s affordable and whatever I can find easily. I don’t like spending too much time actually shopping so I mostly buy stuff online.

Photo by Alix Hines
Photo by Alix Hines

Tim Alger, Freshman

Q: What do you base your sense of style on?      

A: It depends on my mood. Sometimes I wear stuff that will stand out and other times I just want to blend in. In general, I like the color red so I have a lot of red clothes.

Q: Do you think your sense of style has changed while you’ve been at college?

A: Yeah, definitely. It’s been changing constantly since I’ve been at college.

Q: How do you think college has influenced your style?

A: I feel like we live in a really stylish city and we don’t have access to name brand stores. I’m definitely buying stuff from Rumors.

Q: What do you look for when you go to Rumors?

A: They have really nice plaid shirts, so I look for the plaid and that’s about it, just shirts really.

Most students agreed that when shopping for trendy fashions, they were looking for comfort and affordability.  Stores are already stocking up for the warm weather. Forever 21 is placing an emphasis on the nautical theme. Other stores are all about stripes. Seventeen magazine predicts an influx of bold florescent boarding shorts in addition to crop tops. Whatever the fashion trend may be, VCU students are already preparing by shopping locally. Students are placing their own unique spin on fashion this spring.

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