Virginia’s Governor’s Cup awarded to Barboursville Vineyards

RICHMOND (WTVR) – Gov. Bob McDonnell declared Barboursville Vineyard’s 2009 Octagon 12th Edition the winner of Virginia’s Governor’s Cup. Barboursville has become the first Virginia winery to win the award four times. [See list of past winners]

For Luca Paschina, general manager and winemaker for Barboursville Vineyards, the Virginia Governor’s Cup is another affirmation that the vineyard’s efforts to produce quality wine are not in vain.

“It’s a project we’ve been working on for two decades. It makes us feel like we are doing the right thing,” Paschina says.

The award-winning Octagon is only produced when the conditions are favorable to producing the vintage wine.

In the tasting, the wine was described as a dry yet somewhat fruity wine, having a deep garnet color with aromas of chocolate, red berries, cranberries.

Paschina says he and his team have dedicated two decades to perfecting the flavor of this…

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