Bitter Betty Bazaar

Photo 1: Bryanna McGregor-Carroll and Nicole Everhart work at the Inner Town Pub on the corner of North Winchester Avenue and West Thomas Street. They decided to launch a monthly pop-up shop at the pub in September. “I’ve been doing pop-up shops for a little while and we basically realized we had this great space and this captive audience and decided to put on our own,” Everhart says.

Photo 2: Bartender, Todd Hembrook, served up holiday drinks from Mason jars for shoppers to sip as they browsed the bazaar. Drink specials included mulled wine, Irish coffee and a Bloody Mary bar. 

Photo 3: Everhart owns Tarnish, which she describes as not the bad tarnish that people try to get rid of. Instead she sees Tarnish as selling stories and the new owner gets to write a new one. She sells a combination of vintage items, a variety of items from designers and handmade jewelry.

Photo 4: Everhart makes some of her jewelry out of carburetor parts from old motorcycles. She says her love of motorcycles and riding inspires her art form.  “I used to be a buyer for 16 years and then I decided to go off and do it on my own,” she says.

Photo 5: The upstairs above Inner Town Pub was packed with vendors selling legwarmers, greeting cards, aura readings and sweet holiday treats. Poly Golightly owner, Laura Stran, set up her collection of vintage clothing and jewelry from the late 60s and early 70s at the top of the staircase.

Photo 6: Stran uses her iPhone to ring up purchases from the bazaar. “I go to estate sells mostly and find a lot of good, old grandma stuff in some grandma basements,” she says.

Photo 7: Meghan Foley enjoys baking but started selling her desserts for the first time, Sunday, at the bazaar. Her friend, Kim Offenbacher, who owns Bijoux Melee started selling jewelry at the first Bitter Betty Bazaar in September and invited Foley to sell this time too.

Photo 8: Rachel Foss is a cartoonist and illustrator who sells greeting cards and prints at the bazaar. She says she will sell more prints at Wolfbait in Logan Square next Saturday.

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