Chirstkindlmarket: Skinny Mug v. Boot-shaped Mug

Nov. 26, 2013, Chicago –

The Christkindlmarket, located at the Daley Plaza, was buzzing this morning about the 2013 souvenir mugs used to serve up the traditional Glühwien.

Many market-goers were disappointed that this year’s mugs weren’t boot shaped like they have been since 2006 according to the Christkindlmarket Facebook page. Instead, this year’s souvenir mug is navy with a scene from the market and the Chicago skyline set as a backdrop. Chris Lopatowski, whose browsed the Christkindlmarket for the past three years said he was disappointed when the mug wasn’t boot-shaped.

“The lady serving said that they were more traditional this winter,” Chris Lopatowski. “I like it. It’s still pretty cool.”

Nick Dibona brought his 2012 white boot to the market today. He said he wouldn’t buy one of the new skinny mugs; instead he plans to carry on with his boot-shaped mug.

Although Sandy Barnstable bought a new mug, she said she has mugs from the past six years. Barnstable said she was disappointed the new mug wouldn’t match her collection of boots. Her friend, Shari Werve said she likes the new design.

“This is only my second year so I got a boot last year,” Werve said. “This one is kind of unique. I like the tallness of it.”

Despite the uproar over the new design Pamela Heady and Linda Pinkard dish out mug after mug of the warm, spiced wine on the opening day at the Christkindlmarket. The market will continue to serve up warm beverages in those tall, skinny mugs until Dec. 24.

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