A mosque in Virginia was ‘vandalized’ with supportive messages of love and unity


A mosque in Chantilly, Virginia, was “vandalized” over the weekend with a message of love.

Qasim Rashid posted photos of the supportive messages, which were left on the sidewalk leading up to Mubarak Mosque, on his Twitter page.

Rashid wrote on Twitter, “Some sneaky hooligans ‘vandalized’ my mosque in VA over the weekend. We came back to find this.

Some of the messages included “You are loved,” “We are with you” and “We are your brothers and sisters.”


The mosque’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association also tweeted about the pleasant surprise.

“Members of our mosque were delightfully surprised when coming for prayer today, seeing messages of love & compassion by the local community,” the association said on social media.

In 2012, vandals threw rocks and broke windows of the same mosque, causing more than $200,000 in damages.

View the full story and video on Circa’s website.

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