Google Sheep View? Four-legged roamers map the Faroe Islands

The people of the Faroe Islands are on a mission to put their archipelago of 18 mountainous islands on the map — Google Street View, to be precise.

If you haven’t heard of the Faroe Islands, you’re not alone. The islands are located just north of Norway and are home to nearly twice as many sheep as people.

Faroese native Durita Dahl Andreassen came up with a creative way to make the Faroe Islands visible to the world, using the country’s most abundant resource: sheep.

“My home country is beautiful, green and kind of undiscovered to the rest of the world – and I want to share it with the world.”
—Durita Dahl Andreassen

Andreassen created SheepView 360.

She mounted a 360 camera, a cell phone and some solar panels on the back of a sheep. From there the sheep just walk around and record photos of the landscape, according to a press release from the islands’ tourism website.

The photos are sent with GPS coordinates so Andreassen is then able to upload them to Google Street View.

So far, Andreassen and others at Visit Faroe Islands have worked with farmers in four different villages to capture footage.

In her blog, Andreassen said the most difficult part of the whole project has been catching the sheep once they are done roaming around.

So far Google hasn’t agreed to come to The Faroe Islands, but the tech giant did like one of the social media posts about SheepView 360.

A Google representative told The Guardian that anyone can create their own Street View by applying to borrow the company’s camera equipment.

To follow Visit Faroe Islands and their quest to get Google Street View, check out #wewantgooglestreetview.

View the full story and video on Circa’s website.

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