With just one click this ring can save your life

This is more than just your average fashion-forward ring.

Nimb is a wearable safety device that works a lot differently than pepper spray in an emergency situation.

The ring is designed to call for help in any situation where, for some reason, you can’t reach your phone.

Kathy Roma, the communications director for Nimb, said the ring connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and lets the user call for help quickly and subtly.

“You just push the button on the ring, hold it for three seconds and it sends messages to your safety circle.” — Kathy Roma

Your rescue team

Each user determines who is in his or her “rescue team,” which could be comprised of friends, family, police, co-workers or a private security service.

When the user presses a button on the ring for at least three seconds, the “rescue team” is alerted and notified of the wearer’s location. If members of your rescue team have a ring as well, their Nimb will vibrate when you press the panic button.

Everyone in the circle can see the location of each member, which helps with coordinating a rescue effort.

The ring, however, only reveals your location using GPS when you’ve pushed the panic button.

When is the ring useful?

Nimb can also send robocalls to the 911 dispatcher closest to the wearer and tracks the wearer’s location in real-time.

The ring’s design is useful in situations where the wearer is unable to get to his or her phone.

“You can’t make a call when, for example, your hands are somehow restricted from movement, which is quite a frequent case when you are assaulted,” Roma explained.

She added that Nimb can also be useful if the wearer is involved a car wreck or has health issues.

The app, which is synced with the ring, allows users to fill out crucial medical information in case of emergency. This can include your known health issues, allergies or your blood type.

Nimb is rechargeable and its battery life lasts for about two weeks. It also has an audio function that collects evidence from the user’s smartphone once the button is pressed.

Now, with a daughter of her own, Roma said she feels less worried when her daughter goes out to parties.

“I know that I’ll never miss an important alert from her and if she is in trouble I will know it,” Roma said.

Roma added that Nimb can’t guarantee nothing bad will happen, but the hope is that the ring will increase the chances for a better outcome when someone is in an emergency situation.

Right now, Nimb is available for pre-order on Indiegogo and will likely hit stores in March of 2017, retailing for $149.

View the full story and video on Circa’s website

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