Does the sound of slurping make you squirm? Science says you may have a medical condition.

Does the sound of slurping, loud chewing or repeated pen clicking drive you crazy? Well, a new report from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom found scientific evidence that for some people, those sounds are actually unbearable.

The researchers also found that trigger sounds evoked a heightened physiological response, such as an increased heart rate and sweating, in people with misophonia.

Misophonia was first named as a condition in 2001, according to Time. For a long time, however, scientists have disputed whether this can be considered a medical ailment.

But this report is the first to produce clear evidence that it is a medical disorder.

“For many people with misophonia, this will come as welcome news as for the first time we have demonstrated a difference in brain structure and function in sufferers,”  said Kumar, from the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University. “This study demonstrates the critical brain changes as further evidence to convince a skeptical medical community that this is a genuine disorder.”

View the full story and video on Circa’s website.

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