Scientists believe prehistoric men had beards for a purpose. But why are we so obsessed?

Somehow the beard trend has withstood the test of time.  Beards have had many uses throughout history and scientists believe pre-historic men grew beards for warmth, intimidation and protection. Since then, facial hair has evolved to signify status and style.

Ancient Egypt

Egyptian pharaohs wore man-made or false beards that splayed out at the bottom in an attempt to link themselves with Osiris, the god of the afterlife, according to the Telegraph.

The Greeks and their beards

In many ancient civilizations, beards were a sign of honor, so they were only cut as a punishment.

The ancient Greeks grew beards as a way to emulate the gods Zeus and Hercules, who were often depicted with full beards. Many men even used hot tongs to make their beards have seemingly longer curls.

The Romans, however, weren’t as beard-friendly. They typically opted to keep their beards neatly trimmed.

Alexander the Great

When Alexander the Great rose to power, he nixed the Greek beard trend. The Telegraph reports that he required his soldiers to shave before they went to battle with the Persians.

The reasoning? Alexander the Great feared his soldiers’ beards could be used against them in battle. He summoned a team of barbers before battles so that their opponents couldn’t use their beards to pull them off their horses.

The Vikings

The Vikings are frequently depicted as terrifying men with long, scraggly beards, but archaeologists say that version history is misleading.

Scandinavian archaeologists say combs and other grooming tools are some of the most prevalent items found at their burial sites.

Napoleon III

Napoleon III had a mustache, beard combo known as the Imperial. His followers grew their beards in the same style to show their political allegiance to him.

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