The devastation of explosives in Iraq

Iraq is one of the most bombed-out places in the world, with an estimated 50 million landmines and other munitions that could detonate at any time.

A COUNTRY DIVIDED (By: Alix Hines) from Medill Washington on Vimeo.

Story by Matt Schehl, photos and audio by Alix Hines

DAHOUK, Iraq — At the break of dawn on a crisp November morning, Omer Hassan gathers his crew around a wood fire, waiting for the breakfast tea to boil.

From their basecamp halfway up a mountain northeast of Dahouk, they quietly watch as daylight fills the remote valley. Hassan shifts his weight from his prosthetic limb. He lost his left leg 23 years ago to a landmine; now he leads mine clearance teams across Kurdistan, the semi-autonomous region of northern Iraq. Continue reading “The devastation of explosives in Iraq”