Parents take extra precautions to prevent secondary drowning

Summer is off to a warm start as more and more children are making a splash into Chicago’s pools. Swimming safety is a is a priority for parents, however, few know about something called secondary drowning which can happen up to 48 hours after a near drowning incident.

Medical Marijuana

The Illinois House passed a bill adding epilepsy to a list of conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana. This new bill is meant to help children who are having 100 to 1,000 seizures every day. Many of them have intractable epilepsy, which means they do not respond to other medications or treatments.

Women in Chicago aren’t giving up on fair pay

In 2009 Samantha Whitney was Chief Operating Officer for a global professional services firm in Chicago. She had just started a family and was at what she thought was the top of her game.

Whitney was walking with her newborn when she got a call from her boss that made her world come crashing down. He called just hours before the firm filed for bankruptcy.

She was faced with a decision to give her life new direction: become a stay-at-home mom, find a new job or start her own business. Continue reading “Women in Chicago aren’t giving up on fair pay”

Iraqi Student Project makes school possible for refugees

About 3,000 Iraqi refugees live in the greater Chicago area according to the Iraqi Mutual Aid Society. Sarab Shada, 21, is one of them. She came to Loyola University through the Iraqi Student Project, a grass-roots organization aimed at providing an undergraduate education to Iraqis who cannot complete school because of violence. Shada plans to return home to become an elementary school teacher after she graduates.