Financial burden delays dreams of undocumented youth

A.M., 17, a Kelvyn Park High School senior, dreams of going to college and becoming a lawyer.  The hitch: He’s undocumented.

“The first thing that I heard about colleges was if you’re an immigrant and you don’t have papers, you can’t go to college,” A.M. said. “That was hard for me because I wanted to try to do something in the future.” Continue reading “Financial burden delays dreams of undocumented youth”

“Polish Broadway” keeps the culture alive

The next generation: A product of Saturday Schools

Ewa Zaborowski came to the United States from Poland in 1981 to join her husband, John, who is a doctor. They opened Polskie Centrum Medyczne, a Polish-run physicians care center,  on the 3000 block of North Milwaukee Avenue about 27 years ago.  She said the area has changed considerably since. There are still blocks of Polish-run stores, but the people that once filled the area fled to the suburbs and only return for the cultural community.

“This is the heart of Poland here,” Zaborowski said. “This used to be a very vibrant place.” Continue reading ““Polish Broadway” keeps the culture alive”