Medical Marijuana

The Illinois House passed a bill adding epilepsy to a list of conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana. This new bill is meant to help children who are having 100 to 1,000 seizures every day. Many of them have intractable epilepsy, which means they do not respond to other medications or treatments.

Faith leaders unite to support LGBT asylum-seekers

Faith leaders in Chicago are working together to support LGBT people fleeing oppressive regimes worldwide. In more than 75 countries it is illegal to be LGBT or support LGBT community organizations, according to Rev. Lois Parr of Broadway United Methodist Church. Recently, lawmakers in Nigeria and Uganda passed anti-homosexuality laws forcing many LGBT people to flee their countries and seek asylum in the U.S.

Cubs hope remote parking lot will ease Lake View congestion


The Cubs are offering 1,000 free parking spaces at a remote lot as a part of a neighborhood protection ordinance that allows them to play more night games. The lot is located at 3900 N. Rockwell Ave and fans can take a shuttle to and from the lot in the two hours before and after the game. The new lot is an attempt to lighten the traffic before and after Cubs games. However, people living near the remote parking lot aren’t excited about the traffic.


Also published on Medill Reports Chicago.

Chirstkindlmarket: Skinny Mug v. Boot-shaped Mug

Nov. 26, 2013, Chicago –

The Christkindlmarket, located at the Daley Plaza, was buzzing this morning about the 2013 souvenir mugs used to serve up the traditional Glühwien.
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