Rumor has it…Spring trends are here

By: Alix Hines

Fashion is in the air this February with temperatures reaching highs of almost 70 degrees. VCU students are already

Photo by Alix Hines
Photo by Alix Hines

preparing for spring. Richmond offers a unique outlet for students to shop, whether they are bargain hunting or searching for the most fashionable stores, this city has it all. One of Richmond’s trendiest stores is conveniently located at 404 N. Harrison St. Rumors is a popular shopping spot for VCU students looking to trade in their old garb for a new chic spring look. Shoppers are welcomed with a variety of tunes blasting throughout the store. The music’s hip and so are the fashions. Rumors sells gently worn clothing, so everyone can get a great new look for less. Continue reading “Rumor has it…Spring trends are here”