Day of Service ‘Not Just This One Day’

By Alix Hines and Katherine Johnson

Capital News Service

RICHMOND – When Ashley Pelli decided to teach to her home-schooled daughter the importance of citizenship, she found the best way to do it was by example. Pelli chose to start by helping homeless and transient people.

“You could hand them some change, but they’re still out on the street the next day,” she said. So Pelli and her daughter decided they should “just go for it”: On Saturday, they will distribute sandwiches, water and hand warmers to the homeless as part of the National Day of Service.

President Barack Obama designated Saturday, Jan. 19, as the National Day of Service in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and in connection with his second inauguration. The community service efforts span categories like the environment, veterans’ affairs, health and education.

There will be 16 events in the Richmond area.

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