Rally supports Virginians with mental illness

By Alix HinesCapital News Service7:28 a.m. EST, January 22, 2013

RICHMOND – Amy Jones had a 4.0 GPA in school but dropped out after her insurance stopped covering the costs of her medication. The 38-year-old Virginia woman suffers from a mental health disorder and substance abuse.“I ended up self-medicating, and I ended up here in Richmond at a facility center, which is helping save my life. It’s helping me to get back on track, get my medications again, so that I can be productive again.”

On Monday, she joined about 100 other people at the Bell Tower on Capitol Square for a rally organized by the Coalition for Virginians with Mental Disabilities. Participants encouraged legislators to improve services for people with mental disabilities.

Sean Campbell and his son, Alex, came to rally in support of Medicaid waivers. Photo by Jessica Dahlberg
Sean Campbell and his son, Alex, came to rally in support of Medicaid waivers. Photo by Jessica Dahlberg

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Review: ‘Ready Virginia’ App Isn’t ‘Ready’

January 17, 2013

By Alix Hines
Capital News Service

RICHMOND – Gov. Bob McDonnell, in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Emergency Management, released an emergency preparedness app for Virginians to use during disasters. The free application for iPhone and Android phones is called Ready Virginia. But it’s unclear if the app is really “ready” and useful for Virginians.

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Day of Service ‘Not Just This One Day’

By Alix Hines and Katherine Johnson

Capital News Service

RICHMOND – When Ashley Pelli decided to teach to her home-schooled daughter the importance of citizenship, she found the best way to do it was by example. Pelli chose to start by helping homeless and transient people.

“You could hand them some change, but they’re still out on the street the next day,” she said. So Pelli and her daughter decided they should “just go for it”: On Saturday, they will distribute sandwiches, water and hand warmers to the homeless as part of the National Day of Service.

President Barack Obama designated Saturday, Jan. 19, as the National Day of Service in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and in connection with his second inauguration. The community service efforts span categories like the environment, veterans’ affairs, health and education.

There will be 16 events in the Richmond area.

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Abortion rallies draw many to the Capital


Capital News Service

By Alix Hines and Katherine Johnson

Photos Via Stephen Nielsen

RICHMOND – About 30 abortion rights activists from the Cooch Watch protest group lined the streets outside of the 47th annual Commonwealth Prayer Breakfast at the Greater Richmond Convention Center on Wednesday morning. Protesters came armed with a boom box and a catchy parody of Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.”
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Neighborhood Groceries


Issue: January 2013

Posted: 12/27/12 10:59 AM

Little House Green Grocery is run by Jessica Goldberg (left) and Erin Wright in the Bellevue neighborhood. Photo by Rachel

A couple of Richmond neighborhoods are gaining new grocery stores that specialize in local and organic products. The first to open, Little House Green Grocery, at 1227 Bellevue Ave., was almost ready to stock the shelves when we spoke with co-owners Jessica Goldberg and Erin Wright in late November.

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Tay-Ho Restaurant

DATE POSTED: 12/17/12 4:17 PM

     Kim, Yuki and Sam Tu have been in the food industry for 23 years; they grew up in the Tan-A Supermarket, which their parents own. Now the three siblings have gone into business for themselves. On Nov. 18, the three siblings opened Tay-Ho Restaurant, (7927 W. Broad St., 346-0889), and began serving traditional Vietnamese food in a modern atmosphere.

Contestant Reflects on ‘Next Great Baker’


DATE POSTED: 12/17/12 11:22 AM

Last year, Melissa Payne, owner of Couture Cake Creations and co-owner of Sweets Couture in Chesterfield County, tried out for TLC’s Next Great Baker. After not being chosen as a contestant on season two, she decided to try one more time and was hand-picked by Buddy Valastro, star of theCake Boss, to compete on the show for this season.

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A World of Possibilities

Sitting at a small table on the edge of Ellwood Thompson’s Local Market patio on a crisp fall afternoon, Ingrid Schatz, the new bakery manager, describes her passion for making French macarons.

Schatz grew up traveling the world, from Russia to the Dominican Republic. She began her career as a pastry chef after spending three years working in finance and marketing in London, where she baked for friends on the side. It wasn’t until she told her mother about her dreams of becoming a pastry chef that her mother revealed that Schatz comes from a long line of Swedish bakers, including her great-grandfather and his brother.

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